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Common Questions


o    What is a color correction?
A color correction is necessary when your current color needs stripped in order to begin the new color service. Corrective services also apply if you have multiple issues throughout the hair shaft. These do require consultations first which you can book here.

o    What is the difference between a highlight and an ombre/balayage?
While both of these services are great techniques for brightening the hair, they are done differently and achieve a different look. A highlight service is typically lightening the hair from scalp to ends in a foil. A balayage is done when we want to brighten the ends of the hair and keep a deep base.

o    What are hand-tied & beaded weft extensions?
Our stylists offer multiple extension services. Our most popular method is the beaded weft also known as the hand-tied method. This technique uses real human hair which is sewn on the head using silicon beads and string. We also offer Tape in extensions and Itip. These do require consultations first which you can book here.

o    Can The Color Room style my bridal party?
YES! We would LOVE to send our Glam Squad to be a part of your big day with anything from hair to makeup. For more info about our Glam Squad, please call the salon and we can chat with you about the details. 

o    Should my hair be clean or dirty when I arrive for a color service?
Your hair does not need to be freshly shampooed. We do ask that it is not overly oily, sweaty, wet or weighed down with too much product that we can’t comb through

o    Should I use blue shampoo or purple shampoo?
Blue and purple shampoos are great ways to extend the life of your hair services in-between touch-ups. Blue shampoo is used to cancel out orange and brassy tones, while purple shampoo is used to cancel out yellow tones. Blue shampoo will give you a more ashy look, while purple shampoo will give you a more icy look.

o    Are you taking new clients?
Our stylists are all independent contractors who work under the umbrella of The Color Room. They each have the opportunity to offer their own range of services, and they each have different schedules. To check on which stylists are accepting new clients, give us a call!

*We are not taking new lash extension clients at this time.

o    What is the best way to contact the salon?
All our staff are devoted to best serving our amazing clients! For any service or booking questions, we would love for you to give us a call at (859) 282-7060. Our receptionists work very hard to help each and every client, so if you happen to get our voicemail PLEASE leave one- we check them regularly!

o    What do I do if I need to cancel or reschedule?
Please reference our services page to see our policy on canceling/rescheduling appointments.